• Organization, policy & program evaluation
  • Financial diagnostics, resourcing models & strategic planning
  • Strategic planning & institutional positioning
  • Policy & program research & analysis
  • Support for institutional leaders


We review and evaluate the performance, systems, programs and policies of education institutions and government and other public organizations.
We work with our clients to:

  • Help clarify their objectives;
  • Assess strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement;
  • Apply our knowledge of effective practices in similar organizations;
  • Recommend future courses of action.

We use a variety of evaluation methodologies that are tailored to each individual task. Such methodologies typically include surveys, face to face consultations, statistical analysis and focus groups.
Our consultants have proven expertise in the compilation of both qualitative and quantitative data, data analysis, interpreting results and providing recommendations. This experience extends to capabilities in statistical analysis and financial modelling, including detailed quantitative analysis of the variables driving change.


We help our clients effectively address the challenge of efficiently resourcing their activities to achieve their strategic goals.
We work with our clients to:

  • Develop models for financial planning and forecasting and provide advice on financial strategies to cope with funding cuts and other financial exigencies;
  • Draw on our substantial knowledge of approaches to institutional budgeting to advise our clients on effective resource allocation models and ways to improve the linkages between strategic and resource allocation plans;
  • Assist with development of strategic plans, and the operationalization of these;
  • We also provide advice to improve management reporting systems so that they will provide the information needed for decision-making.


We work with our clients to:

  • Analyze the environments within which our clients operate and provide advice to better position them to sustain organizational efficiency and effectiveness within changing environmental circumstances;
  • Provide strategic advice about the teaching, research, community service and commercial activities that will set them above their competitors;
  • Design and manage institution-specific planning processes for organizational change;
  • Facilitate professional development, improve performance management, and build staff support for change;
  • Improve outcomes from their relationships with governments and their agencies, and interpret and influence government decision-making.


Our consultants have been directly involved in developing and implementing some of Saudi’s most far-reaching education and training policies and programs.
To develop comprehensive and robust policy and program advice for our clients, we:

  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative research projects, nationally and internationally;
  • Research emerging social and community issues, government directions, policy developments and issues, statutory requirements, best practice and benchmarks;
  • Conduct longitudinal research measuring change and progress over time that can be attributed to policy initiatives
  • Investigate and explain the environments within which our clients operate and the environmental factors that affect them;
  • Research our clients’ external relationships, including stakeholders’ levels of knowledge, attitudes and expectations.


Qiyas Alelmia helps institutional leaders maintain their clarity of purpose and direction in the face of the sector’s – and their institution’s – complexity and daily challenges.
We work with education authority and institution leaders to:

  • Undertake an analysis of a university’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, quickly identifying the areas of strategy, planning and operations that need immediate attention;
  • Help newly promoted academic leaders to make the transition from discipline specialist to team leader, strategist and change agent;
  • Make presentations to senior management workshops and seminars;
  • Assisting school principals and school councils in setting the strategic direction of the school.