Student Exchange

Being an exchange student is a challenging, rewarding and fun experience. You’re not a tourist or a guest. You’re actually living in your host country as a member of that community.

You’ll be placed with a host family and attend a local school. You’ll live like a local and become immersed in the culture. You’ll learn the language and gain invaluable international experience. You’ll learn a lot about yourself.

Student exchange programs promote tolerance, maturity and independence. They also encourage an international perspective. In a very competitive world these are highly sought after qualities. Experience is everything™.


Investment for Life

Being an exchange student is an investment for life and complements your formal education in important and exciting ways. The experience of living or studying overseas can bring enormous rewards:

• Learn about the world first hand
• Open career doors you didn’t know existed
• Get to know how others live and come to see the world from another perspective
• Learn another language
• Test yourself and acquire independence and maturity
• Make new friends and appreciate old ones even more
• Gain experience and judgement