TOEFL® Junior™ Test

About the TOEFL Junior® Tests

Make an Early Impact that Lasts a Lifetime

The TOEFL Junior® tests, intended for students ages 11+, provide real insight into your students’  English communication skills to help you make the best decisions and guide them on a path to success. Learn more about how TOEFL Junior scores can help you.

To better meet the expectations of English-language programs worldwide, theTOEFL Junior tests are available in two testing modes and measure a range of skills:

  • TOEFL Junior Standard test — a paper-based test that measures Reading Comprehension, Listening Comprehension, and Language Form and Meaning. The TOEFL Junior Standard test is currently available in over 50 countries around the world.
  • TOEFL Junior Comprehensive test — a computer-based test that measures Reading Comprehension, Listening Comprehension, Speaking and Writing. The TOEFL Junior Comprehensive test is being introduced in phases in various locations around the world.

Part of the TOEFL® Family of Assessments

The TOEFL Junior tests are part of the TOEFL® Family of Assessments, which also includes the TOEFL iBT® test and the TOEFL® ITP Assessment Series. Based on the long-standing and trusted heritage of the TOEFL test, the TOEFL Junior tests use the most up-to-date methods for language testing and are fair, reliable and valid for their intended purposes.

Plus, TOEFL Junior scores are mapped to CEFR levels, so as to gauge achievement against an international standard, and give you a more in-depth understanding of your students’ English proficiency levels. Learn more about TOEFL Junior scores.

Preparing your Students for Success

The TOEFL program makes it easier for you to help your students improve their English skills with helpful tools and resources. We offer sample questions for both testing modes to help your students prepare successfully for test day. Plus, students receive Lexile® measures with their TOEFL Junior scores, which makes it easier to select books at the right reading level and improve their English reading proficiency over time. Learn more about Lexile measures and TOEFL Junior sample questions.