Compass Media

“The Compass is a tool we use to find the right direction.

Compass Media provides new direction and aims of English Education through its spirits and passion.”

Compass Media is a global leader in English language textbooks publishing with a network of educators, distributors, and fans in over 50 countries on  6 continents. Students educators and administers around the world have recognized the content provided by Compass as globally minded, high quality Education content. Compass continues to extend their international network by supporting teacher training seminars around the world, by meeting with various Ministries of Education, and working with local partners to obtain insight in both global and local tends.

We provide a full list of products including course books, skill books, readers, test prep materials & more. With a focus on expanding and updating our list of titles in accordance with global English language education needs. Compass keeps the content fresh and innovative. We pride ourselves on working with global experts when developing education resources. Take one look and you will see that precision and care are trademarks of everything we do.

Compass Provides students and education with the 21st century technology they need to succeed! With a focus on the future, we’ve developed innovation e-learning solutions designed to enrich products & prepare for new 21st century classrooms. Compass has a wide variety of innovation products from success IBT, our internet based test preparation program, to Reading Oceans, ore innovative Online Extensive Reading Library, to the wide variety of online teacher supplements we offer on our homepage. Our 21st Century development lab prides itself on being ahead of the curve in educational smart learning technology. You will Love what we have in store!

Come see why today’s educators use Compass to find direction in English education!