A Technology-based, comprehensive, English language learning solution that serves institutional, governmental and corporate sectors worldwide. EDO delivers an assessment-driven pedagogical approach based on ETS’ solid expertise in educational assessment and research. Offering customizable blended-learning and distance-learning programs, EDO provides maximum learning effectiveness and assured return on investment via cutting-edge technology

At the heart of Edusoft’s English learning solutions is English Discoveries Online: a comprehensive interactive e-Learning platform.

Deployed via the Internet or Intranet, EDO delivers the latest in field-proven pedagogical methods using engaging multimedia technologies. Ten courses containing over 1000 hours of rich topic-based learning keeps students stimulated and challenged whether they are at Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced levels.

  • 1000 hours of engaging multimedia & content
  • Cutting edge interactive technology
  • 10 courses, each with 8 units of topic-based learning
  • All language skills covered
  • Scalability and adaptability to existing curricula
  • Continuously updated content
  • Flexible delivery options
  • Advanced management and monitoring systems
  • Authoring Tool for customization of content
  • Automated assessment tools
  • Community Site – cross cultural forums, magazines, games

“English Discoveries Online has been a winning match for our TOEFL graduation requirements across all departments. Students now show higher motivation levels to learn and practice English. EDO offers students the ability to access learning 24/7 and to become certified in all communicative skills.”

Guillermo Villavicencio
Academic Director of The English Group & ELL Distributor for ESEN University

English Discoveries Online delivers multimedia features that bring students’ English experience to life:

  • Speech Recognition Technology
  • Talking Idioms
  • Radio Broadcasts
  • Screen Sensitive Help
  • Pop-up Dictionary
  • Grammar Assistance
  • Role Play & Rubrics
  • Branching Dialogues
  • Full-Screen Videos
  • Community Forums
  • Interactive Challenges
  • Pronunciation Course
  • A Pedagogical Wonderland

Each of our ten general English courses consists of 8 topic-based units, which cover the full range of skills: Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary and Web Literacy. Articles on topical issues, video clips, radio broadcasts and animations provide an enticing approach to English learning via cutting-edge technology.

The Authoring Tool enables teachers to customize the platform by uploading additional content via a simple wizard.

The Community Site offers a social learning space to connect with other internal students or even create a cross-cultural international forum with other English students. Language enrichment components such as word games and idioms provide spice and entertainment to the English learning journey.